With incredible compassion and the effortless fineness of natural storytelling, the author knitted together the life of Chioma, the main character in the turbulence of modern Lagos. Chioma lived in the United States and was a young woman adopted from Nigeria as a child. She traveled to Nigeria to explore her roots and find her […]

Run Angular CLI over HTTPS

It is very straight forward to run an Angular application over a secure https connection. Sometimes this can be a requirement for your application. For example, an API can require that all request must come from an HTTPS source.  There are many tutorials out there with detailed info on how this works. But I will […]

React App Internationalization From a Database

Internationalization (i18n) has always been complex especially when requirements involve translating user generated contents. I will try to explain a simple way of creating, using and storing translations of texts from a database. The standard way internalization works is to store translations for each language and retrieve them with a key. The translated messages are […]